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Ten Ways To Make Your Affiliate Site More Profitable

Is your affiliate website ready for business? You may have your content written and your affiliate products in place, but there are more things you can do to make your site more profitable.

1. Have a specific theme for your site and make sure your content, logo and other graphics are relevant to that theme. Don't add kitty graphics to a website about gaming.

2. Have as much original content - content that you have written yourself - on your site as you can. Your visitors don't want to read the same articles on a website that they have just seen on the one they were just at.

3. Create "printer friendly" pages for your important content. People are looking for information. Let them print it out. When they go back to read it later, they'll see your site's url at the bottom of the page.

4. Put your web pages into a logical order. Think like your visitors and group like content pages together. Make your site as "user friendly" as possible.

5. All links should be "clickable." Check and recheck the links to other pages and to your affiliate products.

6. Create a Frequently Asked Questions page - especially if you sell your own products. When someone asks a question, publish that question, with your answer, in your FAQs.

7. Have contact information available on each of your web pages. Create a link to a Contact Me form instead of using an email addres. This will cut down on the amount of spam that you receive.

8. Offer Freebies. Free reports, ebooks, autoresponder courses and newsletters give your visitors a reason to come back. Set up an autoresponder for each freebie to help build your subscriber list.

9. Continue to add more valuable content to your site. One way to do this is to add an article directory to your site. Allowing your website visitors to add their articles will create good content for other visitors and it will help get their article noticed. It's a win-win situation for all.

10. Add links to other sites. Make sure those links are to websites' themes are compatible to yours. This will ad interest as well as increasing your search engine ranking.

Using the above methods will increase visitors to your site. By adding fresh, valuable content regularly those visitors will return. The more people that come to your site (and return to it), the more profitable you website will be.

About the author:
Jude is a full-time Internet marketer who has been working online for three years. She has learned the best ways to market on the Internet - the hard way. Her Article Organizer is the article directory script every webmaster has been looking for.

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