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Becoming An Affiliate Marketer

is an interesting and exciting process. There are so many programs out there for you to promote. You should think seriously before you commit to any one program.

Choosing A Program

To become an affiliate marketer, you must choose the right affiliate program to market. This can be done by reviewing as much information as possible about the affiliate program you are interested in joining. You can start also by reviewing what other affiliates have to say about the program before you sign up.

When choosing to become an affiliate marketer, there are certain things you should be aware of. For example, you should know what percentage of the sale of the affiliate
product you will receive. This can range from as low as 10% to 75% of the sales price. Generally, the higher the commission, the better for you.

After you have chosen a program you beileve will be profitable to you may elect tohave a website designed to showcase your product in a professional manner. But why, I ask, would you choose to spend the time, effort and money to re-invent the wheel?

Many affiliates are now providing a professional sales letter for your use and/or provide a redirect to the sales site. This makes sense for both the seller and provider.

Using An Autoresponder

Once you have selected an affiliate program, you, yes you must promote your program. It is a good idea to set up an opt-in list and autoresponder from the beginning. There
are many, many autoresponders available. Do an online search and comparison to choose the one best for you and the products you promote.

Using your autoresponder you can generate of list of names and email addresses of people who have purchased the product from your web site, or a list of people interested in finding more information about the product. You can use this list to send them information about product updates or to send information about new products you are promoting. This is an easy way to advertise, but you must do so legally. SPAM is illegal. Again, do the research and learn the legal way to do your e-mail marketing.

Track and Record

This is something most new affiliates fail to do when they first start out. It is the simple concept of keeping track of where your traffic is coming from and what areas that you
promoted to are generating the most sales. In this way you can see where most of your business is coming from and turn up the heat in those areas to generate more sales.

Keeping track of your traffic also will tell you what areas you have promoted to that is not generating any sales or low sales. You can then either abandon these areas if you have tried all promotion methods, or increase promoting there. Do your research - there are some excellent software resources to automate this process.

Network With Other Affiliates

As an affiliate, especially one who is getting started, it is a great idea to network with another affiliates. This is especially beneficial if the other affiliate is a seasoned veteran of sales. The amount of information that you will learn from them cannot be read within any book. Make us of the online forums, teleconferences, mp3's and provided by seasoned veterans of making money online.

With these tips in mind, now is the time to move forward and become the affiliate marketing success story.

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About the author:
Dr. J. E. Burke, an educator and entrepreneur, has been involved in various business enterprises via his business, Burke Publications for 11 years. Dr. Burke is an educator, writer and motivational speaker on a variety of topics. He is also known for his expertise on nonprofit organizations and grant proposal writing. Dr. Burke can be contacted at http://burkepublications.comor

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