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8 Quick, Hot Reasons You Should Offer An E-mail Course Today

1. E-mail courses are generally quick and easy to create. Contents for your e-mail courses are everywhere -- old articles, interviews, information from doing research. You only need to know how to organize them and make the content easy to understand and follow.

2. You can append your sales letters at the end of your e-mail courses. People who take your e-mail courses can learn something valuable from you first, and when they're done, they will be more receptive to your follow-up letters.

3. E-mail courses can help you attract visitors to your Web site. You can't put everything in an e-mail course so you can actually place links within your e-mail course messages. These links can point to more information found on your site. You can promote your Web site's URL in each message.

4. E-mail courses can help you gain more subscribers for your e-zine. Make people aware that subscribers of your e-zine are always the ones to get first dibs on your e-mail courses.

5. You can run your e-mail courses hands-free. You just need to create and arrange your e-mail messages in the order you want them to be delivered to your participants, then put them in a sequential autoresponder. Your e-mail courses then become your 24/7 promoter!

6. E-mail courses can help you get leads and you can promote your products or services to these people. And by making your e-mail courses 100% opt-in, the risk of being accused of sending unsolicited e-mails is significantly reduced.

7. People won't ever need to download any special software before they can take your e-mail courses. All they need is an e-mail address. They can read your e-mail course lessons straight from their e-mail clients (Eudora, Pegasus, Outlook Express) or on the Web (Hotmail, Yahoo!Mail or any Web-based e-mail).

8. You can tailor your e-mail courses to promote specific products or services you are selling on your Web site. If your e-mail course consists of 10 lessons delivered in 10 e-mail messages, then people who take your e-mail course are exposed to your product or service 10 consecutive times. This definitely increases your chances of getting your product or service bought.

About the author:
Copyright (c) Shery Ma Belle Arrieta-Russ

Shery is the developer of creative, motivating and fun e-mail courses for writers. Sign up and take an e-mail course today -- free! -- at http://WritingBliss.comShealso authored the e-book that lets you create your own original and profitable E-mail Workshops, eCourses and Tutorials in only 3 days! Visit http://EmailWorkshopsHowTo.comfor more info.

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