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7 Effective Ways To Get More New Ezine Subscribers

1. Swap an ad.

Pinpoint which ads and ezines work best for you by tracking your swaps.

Also try to swap for multiple issues as many people won't respond to your ad until they see it a few times.

2. Purchase ezine ads.

Run ads for your ezine in relevant ezines that you enjoy.

Also search ezine directories for ezines that offer reasonable rates and that reach your target market.

3. Do a thank you page swap.

Get excellent ongoing promotion of your ezine by using your thank you page to swap an ad or recommendation with another ezine publisher.

Choose ezines that your new subscribers would be interested in, but not ezines that compete directly with you.

Also make sure that you only recommend ezines that truly do offer valuable content, so that you won't start off on the wrong foot with your new subscribers.

4. Offer a bonus.

Increase your subscriptions by offering something for free that your target market would find to be of value.

For example, you could offer a free email course, ebook, report or access to your "subscriber only" membership site.

5. Write articles.

Your articles can help you to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Your articles can also help you to get more new readers that are interested in the topics covered in your ezine.

Just add a resource box that promotes your ezine to your articles, or include a couple of lines of promotion for your
ezine in addition to your other information.

6. Offer a sample issue.

Offer your sample issue on your site or by autoresponder, and when you can use it in your posts to ezine directories.

You can also increase your subscriptions by linking to your sample issue in your resource box when you write articles to
promote your ezine.

7. Provide testimonials.

Increase your ezine's credibility by including testimonials that praise your ezine on your site.

Include your reader's first and last name and web address along with her testimonial, and when you can use testimonials that are specific in nature as opposed to those that are general.

About the author:
Ken's articles have been published in numerous ezines and web sites all over the net. For more articles on ezine publishing from Ken and other respected authors visit

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